Homestay Kampung Telok Melano / Telok Serabang

Homestay Kampung Telok Melano / Telok Serabang
En Abang Ahmad Zulkipli
Address: Persatuan Nelayan Kawasan Sematan/Lundu, Kampung Tanah Hitam, Peti Surat 16, Lundu, 94507, Sarawak, Malaysia
Tel: 6082 711 152
Fax: 6082 711 152

Telok Melano, a unique Malay coastal village blessed with all the beauty, charm and attraction of tropical paradise. It's a perfect nature retreat, offers endless eco tourism activities and outdoor experiences in total relaxation. Stunning scenery, fascinating flora and fauna, and tempting stretches of white sandy beaches that beckons one to take a dip in the warm, blue ocean waters. Sarawak's most mesmerizing beaches, unique features of coral shore and heaven for tropical fish are found here. No trace of pollution. Virtually unspoiled and untouchable. Experience a memorable stay with 'stay with the welcoming hosts along with nature at its best!

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